Vision about the arena and the throne room

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I was in prayer on Sunday night in September 2009 when the Holy Spirit spoke to me.

“I’ll show you the throne room and you will see why we’ll win the war. There are certain rules. What matters is who wins.” I was eager to see the throne room of the Lord. “Please Lord, show me the throne room!” I said. Then I fell asleep. When I woke up, I saw a vision but not about the heavenly throne room I had expected.

“This is a mountaintop vision so that you will be able to see what will happen,” the Lord said.

I saw an arena for gladiators. There were no fighters alive. The arena had a circular form and no exit or escape routes. It was surrounded by stalls.

I stood in the arena, the blood-soaked sand touching my feet. At the centre of the arena there was a large floating sword created from indestructible material. It was the heaviest of all swords but also the lightest. I understood that anyone wielding that sword would be able to crush any resistance, and that nothing could withstand its power.

It was the most powerful object in the whole universe.

I looked around. All around the arena, there were little thrones with all kinds of disgusting figures seated on them. These were the demons and principalities responsible for attacking people with sins such as paedophilia, adultery and sins of the deepest darkness.

Further away, sitting on the stalls, there were golden pharaoh-looking figures sitting on their larger thrones. They observed me. They were the ones that controlled the demons on the little thrones. These figures were covered with gold and wore the death masks of pharaohs.

“Two things unite all these principalities,” the Lord said. “They all spread filth.They all spread fear.” I could feel the filth and fear oozing from them.

“The fear that they spread will paralyse and immobilise the fighters so that they will fall in the trap that has been set before them. The fear emanates from their leader, the devil, and spreads right through the ranks, to the smallest of them.”

The vision ended. The next few months I faced the most intense demonic attack I had ever experienced. Slowly, I was getting weary but two things gave me courage to believe that one day the battle would end.

I often picked my son from his school friend’s house after school. One day, I was under a particularly heavy and oppressive attack when I went to pick him up.

The younger brother of my son’s friend rushed toward me wielding a toy sword. He was around eighteen months old. “Fight!” he shouted, pointing at me with his sword.

He had been doing that every time he saw me for the last three weeks.

“That is strange,” his mum said. “He doesn’t do that with anyone else. Somehow he associates you with sword fighting.”

God was telling me to keep on fighting through a little boy! Psalm 8:2 says,

"Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have ordained strength, because of Your enemies, that You may silence the enemy and the avenger."

Another time, I was in the underground train under a nearly unbearable attack of demonic anxiety and fear. I felt how the forces of the enemy tried to break through my resistance. A strong anointing of the Holy Spirit fell upon me, stronger than I had ever experienced in my life. It felt like the most natural thing would have been to go to each passenger in that train and pray for them for healing and miracles, and that God would have answered my prayers.

I believe that God is about to release that kind of anointing upon the believers in London, and that God gave me a foretaste of it. The revival will break out in the streets as ‘regular’ believers will carry the healing and miracle anointing that will be powerful enough to break through the spiritual opposition in London.

Some weeks later I was taken back to the arena in another vision. Two massive angels, around fifteen metres tall, entered the arena and began wielding their mighty swords. The heavy enemy thrones were crushed as if they were made of paper.

No one had taken the indestructible sword. The angels’ swords were smaller and less shiny than the indestructible sword.

“Who will take that sword?” I asked.

Suddenly, a huge figure, dressed in a white robe, descended into the arena. It was Jesus.

“I’m the Warrior King. I’ll take this sword,” He said. “I’ll fight this war. When I fight a war, I never lose.” Then the Lord, the Warrior King, picked the sword. I realised that the sword had been there for centuries, waiting for Him.

The sizes of angels, demons and Jesus in the vision aren’t realistic but illustrate their power in relation to each other. The angels that went to war were larger than the demonic principalities but Jesus was a lot bigger than anyone else. No one could stand against him.

The vision relates to the spiritual shift that has begun to take place in the Middle East. Jesus has gone to war and He will bring millions of Muslims to Him.

We are on the brink of one of the greatest salvation moves in the history of mankind!

But this isn’t a vision just about the Middle East. It is also a vision about the rising of the prophets who face relentless spiritual attacks from the enemy. The prophetic battle arena has been soaked with the blood of the prophets. So many of us have fallen!

This vision has given me a lot of understanding about how the enemy works. In recent years, many great leaders have been trapped in sexual sin. A while ago, aprominent Christian leader I know was fired from the denomination he had birthed because he had committed adultery with another man.

I know that this man wasn’t born homosexual. He didn’t enter the ministry as homosexual but gradually, through the enemy’s bombardment, he succumbed to sin. For twenty years, he was the leading Christian figure in his nation. Now he is a broken man, although God wants to restore him.

This battle is all about raw spiritual power, and the enemy is using demonic fear against us, to weaken our resolve, so that we will fall into the trap of sin.

Through fear and deception the enemy will try to get into the weaknesses and hurts of our heart.

Often he will form weapons out of your circumstances and point them at you like missiles of impending destruction.

These missiles have been formed of facts dipped in demonic fear boiled in the venom of deception.

God has given you faith strong enough to walk through the valley of the shadow of death. All around you weapons are being formed against you, their shadows threatening to destroy you. But you must keep on walking, through the valley. If you keep on advancing, one day you will get out of it.

And it is the Lord who has led you to the valley of fear, in order to remove fear and deception from your life by demonstrating that He is greater than your greatest fear.

Two kingdoms can’t occupy the same space. If you are filled with God the demonic fear will be unable to find the way into your heart.  All hell might burn around you but if you are full of God its flames will have no power to burn you. In fact, the fire of God in you will begin to burn the enemy!

For over two years the enemy bombarded me with demonically charged facts whilst the Holy Spirit kept on proclaiming the opposite. Often the voice of the enemy can sound more factual than God’s. I don’t believe in so-called facts anymore—not if God is telling me something different! What is a miracle but God’s violation of facts and the false rationality of the world?

It is so important to bring all your frustrations, anxieties and fears to the Lord, as they flow from an unhealed heart that is prone to believing in lies of the enemy.

This is an excerpt from Five Movements: Winning the Battle for Your Prophetic Gift by Marko Joensuu.

Published by Marko Joensuu

Marko Joensuu has worked for over sixteen years in the publishing and media ministries of Kensington Temple. He is an author, publisher and screenwriter.
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