Supernatural Love:Releasing the Compassion of Jesus through the Gifts of the Spirit

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Working on a new book, which will be my most radical yet. The cover is ready but the text is still far off.

The gifts of the Spirit were given to be used in the Christian community, but soon after the revival in Azusa Street in 1906 they were "re-purposed" to be used in stage performance setting, as revivalists travelled with large tents and the Pentecostals built large auditoriums that utilised new communication technologies. Because of the stage performance setting, the Pentecostals and Charismatics began to focus on the visible aspect of the gifts, seeking to demonstrate God's power.

But the original purpose of the spiritual gifts—words of knowledge and wisdom, tongues and their interpretation, gifts of healings, gift of faith, power to perform miracles, the gift of prophecy and the gift of discerning spirits—was to be an expression of God's love to His people. And when the original purpose was lost in the "re-purposing" of the gifts to serve as an expression of charismatic power, their true power was also lost, and the Church also lost the gift of discerning spirits, as it got addicted to charismatic spectacles.

Supernatural Love: Releasing the Compassion of Jesus through the Gifts of the Spirit is a call for reformation in the way we see the spiritual gifts and return to biblical model about the use of spiritual gifts as part of a Christian community and tools for evangelism.
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Marko Joensuu has worked for over sixteen years in the publishing and media ministries of Kensington Temple. He is an author, publisher and screenwriter.
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