30 Years of Reformation in Europe

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I received this prophetic word about the coming reformation of the European church in August 2009. I had been in Prague and Venice for two weeks and just returned to London. I got an inkling of the coming prophetic word in Prague when I visited the rebuilt Bethlehem Chapel. It is the place where Jan Hus, one of the first Protestant reformers preached in the early 15th century.

As I was standing in the empty church I had a strong sense about some kind of residual 'reformer's anointing' in that place. As I walked out, I heard these words in my spirit: "The reformers are already in your midst."

This started a two-week exploration in prayer regarding what these words could mean. I received the actual prophetic word straight after returning to London. I believe that the place where I received these words provides the context for the prophetic message. The original Bethlehem Chapel was the first ever purpose-built preaching house in Europe. Jan Hus, who had been strongly influenced by the English Reformer John Wycliffe's teaching, preached in the chapel in the Czech language for many years before he was burnt alive at the stake.

The chapel could hold two thousand, and was often bursting with people, including kings and queens as they came to listen to Jan Hus. His martyrdom sparked the Czech national revival. The Moravian church that fuelled the world evangelism with their 24/7 prayer movement in the 18th century - their prayer went uninterrupted for 100 years and sparked many reform movements including Methodism - was birthed by the followers of Jan Hus. Please read these prophetic words carefully. I offer them for your prayerful consideration, wisdom and discernment. The message starts with a short word for KT, indicating that we will be part of this coming move of God.

Building the house through prayer

"My touch in KT will be so strong that the people in services will be weeping for the sins of the nation, and the weeping will come from the heart. They will pray, ceaselessly, and their prayer lives will be transformed, as My Spirit will guard their prayers. Their hearts will be shaken and stirred by My Spirit and they will walk by My power.

There won't be any big 'fireworks' but just steady prayer. The doors of the house will be open for prayer, and people will come and stand in unison, in the house. The doors will be open for anyone that will come, regardless their denomination. My house will be built upon prayer.

There will be a strong prayer revival in Europe. People will be praying in their nations, in their houses, in their churches. They will fast and they will pray and they will cry for the living God to change things and intervene in their nation. They will stand together across denominational lines. The churches that are old and have accumulated many traditions, layer upon layer, they will exchange their traditions for a living experience of the living God.

This is not what the world expects to happen. This is not what the church expects to happen. I will make it happen. My fire will be coming upon My houses again. There will be such a wonderful thing amongst My people that they, in their cities, will actually pray together! They will come together - not from every denomination but from many denominations - and they will join hands and pray for their city. They will pray for their city, and they will not stop. They will keep on praying, and I will begin to touch the hearts of these people.

Breaking the yoke over cities

There will be a day coming in the lives of these people when they will say: 'Enough is enough! I will stand for Jesus in this city! I will take this city for Jesus! I will take this nation for Jesus!'

They will stand up and proclaim My Word. They will not use any big shows or fireworks but they will stay in their prayer closets and say,

'Lord, I want to take this city. I want to take this nation. I want to stand with You Jesus. And I will not proclaim any other word but I will proclaim Your Word. Your Word is like a fire in my lips and I will proclaim Your Word. I will not compromise Your Word. I will proclaim Your Word whether they listen or not.'

I will give them the anointing that will break the yoke in their cities. There will be people gathering around these people because, I will use people - I always use people, people of fire! There will be people gathering around these people, individuals and groups.

They will say. 'There is a fire here and I want to be in this fire for the rest of my life. This is the fire of God.' They will begin to gather but the troops will not to be formed yet. There will be gatherings of thousands and thousands of people all over Europe as people will worship Me. There will be a strong worship movement in Europe and people will begin to worship Me like they have never worshipped Me before.

Five Movements: Winning the Battle for Your Prophetic Gift
 They will worship Me for they will understand the times. They will say, 'Times are evil; I need to worship the Lord.' The gatherings will grow big and they will take stadiums for Jesus in Europe. But these are only Christians - My power is yet to be released.

Then My power will be released! I will bring multitudes to Me, and again, I will build churches in Europe, in London, and everywhere. I will build big churches of fire-filled Christians who will take My Word to their cities and nations. They will burn with My fire, and they will hear My voice. These people will be the ones who will take My Word to the media, to the streets.

Time will come for the reformation of the hearts of the ministers. They will seek My face again, and there will not be another day like that for Europe. This will be the last reformation in Europe before the darkness will rise. When the darkness will come it will be dark, darker than dark, and the darkness will not fade before I will return.

Europe isn’t one yet. It is broken. It is one continent, divided, and people are trying to unite it. This is not the day yet for the restoration of Europe. This is the day for the restoration of the church in Europe. These are the days of revival which will come before the days of persecution.

Many will grieve My Spirit with harsh words against My people, pastors and ministers. They don’t know Me but think that they know Me. When they will see My movement rising, they will say,

‘It’s not the Lord. It’s against our traditions. It is against our ways. Let’s squash it and let’s stop it because it is disruptive.’ 

Every movement that comes from Me is disruptive of tradition. The young will know Me and the young at heart will know Me, but the young, by and large, they will know Me.

I will bring the youth to Me like never before in Europe. You will not see a day in the past or future where there will be such a revival for the youth. You will not see stories in the magazines and newspapers but you will only see the Bible and say,

‘This was like the days of the Bible and more.’

This mighty move in Europe will just consist of Me sweeping through the nations and looking for My sheep. The next thirty years will be the time for Europe to rise up again as a church and make a difference in Europe. Then the dark days will begin to seep in, slowly. Darkness will come upon Europe, a strong darkness. Lights will begin to fade away and many churches that are strong will fade away.

Time will not end but darkness will come. It will come slowly; many people will not worry about it, it will be a little thing here, a little thing there, and then people will wake up and say,

‘Our nations have been taken away from us. They used to be with us but now they aren’t with us any more. They are doing their own things and don’t care about God.’

The revivals will sweep over other continents but this will be the last great revival and reformation sweeping over Europe.”

Upon reflecting and praying on this word, I understood that it was linked to a prophetic dream I saw over ten years ago about KT as one of the special lighthouse churches in the world. I believe that God will be building large lighthouse churches all across Europe, churches large enough to rise into national consciousness. The full purpose of these churches will not be revealed until the great darkness will rise and the beacons of these lighthouses will be switched on. When the great darkness will fall, these lighthouses will be visible from all across the world.

This prophecy was first published in January 2010 issue of Revival Times. It is also included in my book Five Movements: Winning the Battle for Your Prophetic Gift.
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Marko Joensuu has worked for over sixteen years in the publishing and media ministries of Kensington Temple. He is an author, publisher and screenwriter.
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