How you remember will determine your destiny

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Many people think that because they have left their past behind, it won't affect them at all. And yes, God has redeemed us from our past, but how you remember it has a powerful effect on your destiny.

Psalm 78 was written by Asaph and accounts God's kindness for Israel.

It says,

"The children of Ephraim, being armed and carrying bows, turned back in the day of battle. They did not keep the covenant of God; they refused to walk in His law, and forgot His works and His wonders that He had shown them."

Do you remember God's faithfulness, or do you remember all the failures? It is so important to remember God's faithfulness, and that's why many Psalms account what God has done in the past.

But the devil wants you to remember all the bad things. He will tell you that today and tomorrow won't bring any difference.

Is your glass half empty or half full?

Do you remember all the good things people did to you and become grateful? Or do you remember all the bad things that happened to you and become bitter?

When I grow weary, fearful or anxious about my future, I always encourage myself with the situations where God pulled me through. And there are many of them!

God doesn't change. The same God who helped you yesterday will help you today and tomorrow, even when the devil would like to tell you otherwise.

You should have a long memory when it comes to God's works. If you remember the victories and God's faithfulness you will win the battle today. 

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Marko Joensuu has worked for over sixteen years in the publishing and media ministries of Kensington Temple. He is an author, publisher and screenwriter.
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